Upcoming Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime Video [Updated List]

Upcoming Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime: Amazon Prime Video is an PAN Indian platform. You can find all the movies, web series, TV Series and other content from different languages on this platform. If you are looking for a platform which gives you the best Tamil Movies then this platform is the best choice for you. Recently the movie Sorrarai Potru which is now one of the highest rated movies in IMD, Karnan Movie, Kabadadaari and others have created sensation on this platform. Even the upcoming movies list is also quite good.

Amazon Prime Video has always brought the best content to its audience in these troubled times of pandemic. Well if you are searching for upcoming Tamil Movies on Amazon Prime Video. Then here is the list for you.

Here is the list of Upcoming Tamil Movies in 2021

Amazon Prime Video is probably one of the best OTT Platforms out there and as mentioned above many people have been watching the content from home. Many movies and web series have released on this OTT Platform, Not only regional movie but people from other states are also showing interest in watching different language movies on this platform.

There are different genres available on this platform like Comedy, Horror, Suspense thriller, Romantic and others. Amazon prime video has been looking out for the best movies in different languages and they are bringing it to their users. Amazon Prime Video is owned by Amazon Company and this platform can be accessed through the browser and app as well. You can download the app from Google Play Store, and Apple Play Store. This app is directly available in some Smart TV’s as well.

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies July 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateStreaming On
Sarpatta22nd July 2021Prime Video

June 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 18 New Tamil movies in the month of June 2021.

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies June 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateStreaming On
Anu and Arjun25th June 2021Prime Video
Chidambaram Railway Gate25th June 2021Prime Video
 Dark25th June 2021Prime Video
Varappogum 24 Manikkul24th June 2021Prime Video
Thatha Kadai22nd June 2021Prime Video
Kaathadi19th June 2021Prime Video
Velvet Nagaram17th June 2021Prime Video
Karuppankaatu Valasu16th June 2021Prime Video
Pazhagiya Naatkal16th June 2021Prime Video
Assamiyin America
16th June 2021Prime Video
Nedunalvaadai15th June 2021Prime Video
Jarugandi11th June 2021Prime Video
Tharai Thappattai11th June 2021Prime Video
Parol8th June 2021Prime Video
Ratsasan4th June 2021Prime Video
Kadhal Paravgal3rd June 2021Prime Video
Adavi3rd June 2021Prime Video
Indha Nilai Maarum2nd June 2021Prime Video

May 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 8 New Tamil movies in the month of May 2021.

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies May 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateStreaming On
Kala28th May 2021Prime Video
Engada Iruthinga
Ivvalavu Naala
25th May 2021Prime Video
Thaen24th May 2021Prime Video
15th May 2021Prime Video
Karnan14th May 2021Prime Video
Pulanaivu14th May 2021Prime Video
Chasing1st May 2021Prime Video
Theethum Nandrum1st May 2021Prime Video

April 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 11 New Tamil movies in the month of April 2021.

Amazon Prime Tamil Movies April 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateStreaming On
Unakkagathane30th April 2021Prime Video
Power Play20th April 2021Prime Video
Yuvarathnaa16th April 2021Prime Video
Mirugaa14th April 2021Prime Video
Calls13th April 2021Prime Video
Bad Samaritan12th April 2021Prime Video
Nenjam Marappathillai8th April 2021Prime Video
Anbirkiniyal4th April 2021Prime Video
Kamali From Nadukkaveri4th April 2021Prime Video
Enaku Ishtam4th April 2021Prime Video
Pakkiri1st April 2021Prime Video

March 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 9 New Tamil movies in the month of March 2021.

Upcoming Amazon Prime Tamil Movies March 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateStreaming On
Tenet31st March 2021Prime Video
Sangathalaivan29th March 2021Prime Video
Ispade Rajavum
Idhaya Raniyum
24th March 2021Prime Video
Great Father12th March 2021Prime Video
Yen Peyar Anandhan12th March 2021Prime Video
Thatrom Thookrom10th March 2021Prime Video
V8th March 2021Prime Video
Naanum Single Thaan8th March 2021Prime Video
Kalathil Santhippom4th March 2021Prime Video

February 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 12 New Tamil movies in the month of February 2021.

Upcoming Amazon Prime Tamil Movies February 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateStreaming On
Kabadadaari26th February 2021Prime Video
Murder26th February 2021Prime Video
The Broken Hearts
24th February 2021Prime Video
Vinara Sodara
Veera Kumara
23rd February 2021Prime Video
Unhinged18th February 2021Prime Video
Lollipops17th February 2021Prime Video
Life In A Year14th February 2021Prime Video
Yen Peyar Anandhan9th February 2021Prime Video
Pallandu Vazhga5th February 2021Prime Video
Vacha Kuri Thappaathu5th February 2021Prime Video
Jai Simha5th February 2021Prime Video
O Manitane yar ni4th February 2021Prime Video

January 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 7 New Tamil movies in the month of January 2021.

Upcoming Amazon Prime Tamil Movies January 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateStreaming On
Master29th January 2021Prime Video
Mummy Save Me20th January 2021Prime Video
The Mosquito Philosophy18th January 2021Prime Video
Kanni Raasi16th January 2021Prime Video
Maara8th January 2021Prime Video
Kavalthurai Ungal
5th January 2021Prime Video
Middle Class Melodies5th January 2021Prime Video

How to take subscription plans for Amazon Prime Video?

As you can see this is the line up of upcoming Tamil movies releasing on Amazon Prime Video. These movies and web series are quite good and they can be watched  your family on Television, Mobiles and Laptops as well. 

Apart from watching movies and web series on Amazon Prime Video. You will also get other benefits from Amazon as well. There are some wonderful  benefits on  Amazon Services like E-Commerce Services, If you order something on Amazon it will be delivered to you within one day, Exclusive other deals for the prime members, Festive seasons early access before the normal users, Offers and different coupons from Amazon Family and many more things like Quizzes, games, and music as well.

If you want to take a subscription plan, Then the first plan which is suitable for you is an monthly plan which costs 129Rupees/month and the second thing is annual plan which costs 999Rupees/year. 

How to Download The Movies on Amazon Prime Video?

Apart from streaming the movies on this platform, You can also download the movies and web series directly on this platform. Just below the details of the movie, There is a download option available. If you have good speed internet connection then you can download the movie on to your device and watch it offline. Apart from these there are some wonderful  features available like Advanced Voice Search, and other watch list features, recommendations for the user are available. Even many people are opting for this OTT Platform because of the extra benefits it has been providing to its users. 

So these are the details of Amazon Prime Video Upcoming Telugu Movies, Subscription plan details and other important details and e-commerce benefits as well. 

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