Suma’s Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review & Ratings

Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review: Suma Kanakala is a well-known and successful television Achor in the Telugu film industry. She had been doing quite well in her profession until she abruptly changed her mind and decided to star in a feature film as the main character. Suma has appeared in several feature films in the past, but this time she is set to make a name for herself with the film Jayamma Panchaithi, which was released today, May 06, 2022. There are two other films that have also been released: Vishwak Sen’s Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam and Bhala Thandanana. Let’s see how the film fared in this titanic battle and whether it’s worth watching or not.

Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review


The story of Jayamma, a Srikakulam resident who lives happily with her husband and children, is told in Jayamma Panchayathi. Everything appears to be fine until her husband becomes ill; she needs money to care for him and goes to the village council (Village Panchayathi) for help; everyone is taken aback by her approach and her conflict, while the village councils are preoccupied with another issue. Is the village council finally resolving Jayamma’s problem?

Cast & Crew

Suma Kanakala Devi Prasad in Jayamma Panchayathi kadambala Dinesh Kumar Kondepudi Shalini Nikita Joy Yadav Ganesh bhuvan saluru bhuvan saluru Amma Ramakrishna Gedela Trinadh Mayanandh Thakur Reddi maheswara Rao D Hema. Mayanandh Thakur Reddi maheswara Rao D Hema. Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu directed the film, Anush Kumar shot the cinematography, M.M. Keeravaani composed the music, and Balaga Prakash produced the film.

MovieNameJayamma Panchayathi
Cast LeadsSuma kanakala Devi prasad Dinesh Kumar kadambala Shalini kondepudi Joy Nikitha Ganesh Yadav Bhuvan saluru Gedela Trinadh Amma Ramakrishna Mayanandh Thakur Reddi maheswara Rao D Hema
DirectorVijay Kumar Kalivarapu
ProducerBalaga Prakash
Written byVijay Kumar Kalivarapu
MusicM.M. Keeravaani
DOPAnush Kumar

Movie Verdict

Suma Kanakaala is well-known for her hyperactive anchoring, but Jayamma’s character is the polar opposite; we should thank director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu for casting her in such a composed and calm role.
The film is set in a village and gets off to a strong start, with the director taking his time establishing all of the characters. The audience will be captivated throughout the film because the characters and story are so relatable that many viewers will believe it is set in our village. The comedy and rural sentiments worked well together.
The conflict in Jayamma Panchayathi is uninteresting; it appears to be quite straightforward, but it is connected to her husband’s illness. On the other hand, the conflict could have been handled more effectively. While the first half is enjoyable, with some delightful comedy and Village Council scenes, the second half is emotional and rushed.
Jayamma is the show’s star when it comes to performances. Suma Kanakala’s portrayal of Jayamma was flawless; as an outgoing person, she effortlessly embodied Jayamma’s character. Devi Prasad was excellent as Jayamma’s husband, as was the rest of the cast.
In terms of technique, debut director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu’s writing appears to be quite mature, as he handled the film admirably and held the audience’s attention. More than that, he has written an excellent story, as Jayamma Panchayithi is about caste issues, so-called elders’ honor, and Jayamma’s life. On the other hand, the layers did not blend well.
Despite the film’s low budget, Anush Kumar’s cinematography is quite good, and his visuals lend the film a sense of richness and quality. One of the film’s major highlights is the legendary music director M.M Keeravaani, who has the ability to work in any genre and leave his mark with his music; he composed an exquisite background score for Jayamma Panchayathi. The remainder of the departments performed admirably in terms of the film requirement.
Finally, Jayamma Panchaythi is a must-see; come prepared to be pleasantly surprised.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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