Shekar Master’s 1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review & Ratings

1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review: This Telugu movie, 1996 Dharmapuri, will be made by well-known film choreographer Shekar Master. People who are good at making movies like Shekar Master and his friends did a great job of selling their own work. On April 22, 2022, the movie was shown in theatres across the country because of its work. Is this picture worth your time right now?

1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review


The movie is set in Dharmapuri in 1996. Suri (Gana Vihari), a carefree young man who works on a farm for his father, meets Nagamalli (Anupam Kher) and they fall in love (Aparna Devi). After she first refused his love, she eventually agreed to it. Her father, Patel, is a member of the upper cast and tries to kill Suri. There is a twist in the story. Nagamalli is angry and wants to kill his father. Whether they’ll get back together or not, you have to find out.

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1996 Dharmapuri  Cast & Crew

Jagath wrote and directed Dharmapuri, which stars Gagan Vihari and Aparna Devi. Krishna Prasad shot the movie, Osho Venkat did the music, and Bhaskar Yadav Dasari made the movie. It was released in 1996.

MovieName1996 Dharmapuri 
Cast LeadsGagan Vihari, Aparna Devi, Naga Mahesh, Shaker Kalyan, Janardhan and others.
ProducerBhaskar Yadav Dasari
Written byJagath
MusicOsho Venkat
DOPKrishna Prasad

Movie Verdict

Cast, honor killing and this movie are all things we’ve seen before. The rural setting and love story might keep the audience interested.
They say in promotional materials that the movie will “definitely” connect you, but this is not a movie for everyone. The movie started out well, and the love scenes were well-planned, but the setting of the movie didn’t work out.
It’s a good thing that Suri Gagan Vihari as Suri and Aparna Devi as Nagamalli as Nagamalli are both good at what they do. The rest of the cast isn’t bad.
This movie was good at making Jagath’s love scenes look good. But the plot itself wasn’t new enough for the viewer to care about it.
Having to film in a village meant that the cinematography wasn’t up to par and the colours were over-saturated, which was not good. Osho Venkat’s music is the heart of the movie; he uses it to set up a lot of things in the movie.
Finally, the 1996 Dharmapuri movie is a one-time watch for people who like movies with a lot of rural settings and commercials.

Movie Rating: 2,5/ 5

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