Watch Villa (Pizza 2) Telugu Full Movie Online for Free in 1080p HD

Villa (Pizza 2) is a Telugu Dubbed Tamil movie directed by Deepan Chakravarthy. The movie is produced by C. V. Kumar starring Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty and others in lead roles. The movie has become success in both Tamil and Telugu languages.


Sri Balaji Video YouTube channel has recently released Villa: Pizza 2 on their official channel. So, If you are looking to watch this Thriller movie in HD full resolution, then you should check either Sri Balaji Movies YouTube channel or the YouTube embedded link below.

Watch Villa (Pizza 2) Telugu Full Movie Online for Free in 1080p HD

If you are a Film Buff, You should not miss Pizza 2. Since, it has all the thriller elements with well framed screenplay. No doubt! it is one of the best movies of its kind.

Villa (Pizza 2) Telugu Full Movie Cast, Crew and Synopsis

Jebin (Ashok Selvan) is an aspiring novelist. His father (Nassar) dies an untimely death leaving Jebin with nothing. His girl friend Arthi (Sanchita Shetty) supports him in difficult times. Thats when his family lawyer lets out a secret about a villa that is registered on Jebin’s name in Vizag by his father. Jebin goes to Vizag to sell it off. He finds a lot of paintings done by his father in that villa. Incidentally, these paintings serve as Nostradamus predictions for him. Jebin gets tensed and he wants to sell the villa off quickly. The rest of the story is all about the predictions that are etched out in different forms of art.

Why You should Not Miss Villa (Pizza 2) Telugu Full Movie?

  1. A perfect Thriller
  2. Well written Story, Concept and Screenplay
  3. Neutralizing Negative Energy using Sound is a unique thing we can see in the second half of the movie.
  4. Finally, it is the most underrated Tamil movie dubbed into Telugu

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