Tollywood Box Office Collection 2022 Records (Gross/Net Share)

Tollywood Box Office Collection 2020: Tollywood (TFI) is the third largest film industry in India after Bollywood and Kollywood (Tamil Cinema). Every year Tollywood release more than 200 movies into theaters. And, it has the capacity of making Rs.5000 crore gross business at Box Office. including Satellite, Audio, Dubbing, Digital Platform and others. Tollywood alone releases about 10 to 15 films yearly which made with a budget of more than 100 crore excluding dubbing movies. Comparing annual collection and budget with other film industries in India, Tollywood occupies second place after Hindi cinema.


If you are searching for the highest box office collections of Telugu movies, then you are at the right place to find them. You can expect the most accurate figures which you cannot find in any other sources in online. These reports contain the accurate figures.

Tollywood Box Office Collection 2020 Report | Gross & Net Profits

The fate of Telugu cinema has been changed after the release of Bahubali. Filmmakers are now daring to produce high-budget films and their numbers are increasing year by year. If you check out the Tollywood Filmography post Baahubali, movies like Rangasthalam, Maharshi, Saaho and Sye Raa were made at a cost of over 150 crores. Also, they have have made good profit at Box Office.


The Overseas figures are obtained from various sources on the Internet like business analysts, movie critics, trusted magazines, etc. Also, You can check these details in a order from a movie with higher box office collection to lower collections.

Tollywood Box Office Records (Gross & Net Profits)

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Movie NameWorld Wide Box Office Collection (Gross)Worldwide Boxoffice Collection (Share)
Baahubali 2: The ConclusionRS.1742 croreRS.800 crore
Baahubali 1: The BeginningRS.602 croreRS.350 crore
SaahoRs.408 croreRS.250 crore (+ or -)
Ala vaikunta puram loRs.270 crore +RS.160 cr
Sarileru NeekevvaruRs.230 crore +RS.138 cr
Sye RaaRs.220 croreRS.125 crore +
RangasthalamRs.210 croreRS.123.6 crore
MaharshiRs.180 croreRS.108 crore
Aravindha SamethaRs.180 croreRS.105 crore
Khaidi No. 150Rs.180 croreRS.104 crore
Bharat Ane NenuRs.155 croreRS.100 crore
SrimanthuduRs.145 croreRS.90 crore
MagadheeraRs.130 croreRS.80 crore
F2 (Fun & Frustration)Rs.125 croreRS.72 crore
Attarintiki DarediRs.125 croreRS.70 crore
Janatha GarageRs.125 croreRS.70 crore
SarainoduRs.125 croreRS.70 crore
Jai Lava KusaRs.120 croreRS.70 crore
DJRs.120 croreRS.70 crore
Geetha GovindamRs.120 croreRS.70 crore
SPYderRs.105 croreRS.65 crore
EegaRs.105 croreRS.64 crore
Race GurramRs.105 croreRS.60 crore
MahanatiRs.100 croreRS.55 crore
Gabbar SinghRs.100 croreRS.55 crore
DookuduRs.100 croreRS.55 crore
Ismart ShankarRs.100 croreRS.55 crore
JerseyRs.95 croreRS.52 crore
PokiriRs.85 croreRS.50 crore
MCARs.70 croreRS.45 crore
MajiliRs.70 croreRS.40 crore
Gautamiputra SatakarniRs.50 croreRS.29 crore

List of Highest Tollywood Box Office Collection Records in USA/Overseas

Nowadays, Telugu films are opening with good collections at USA Box Office.
1 Million USD = INR.7,16,00,000 (More Than Seven Crore Rupees in Indian Currency)
Movie NameOverseas (Gross)
Baahubali 2: The ConclusionUS$20.77 million
Baahubali 1: The BeginningUS$7.51 million
Ala VaikunthapurramulooUS$3.61 million +
RangasthalamUS$3.50 million
SaahoUS$3.50 million
Bharat Ane NenuUS$3.40 million
SrimanthuduUS$2.80 million
Syeraa Narasimha ReddyUS$2.60 million
MahanatiUS$2.60 million
Geetha GovindamUS$2.50 million
A..Aa..US$2.45 million
Khaidi No. 150US$2.40 million
Sarileru NeekevvaruUS$2.28 million +
Aravindha SamethaUS$2.20 million
F2 (Fun & Frustration)US$2.20 million
FidaaUS$2.10 million
Nannaku PremathoUS$2.05 million
Attarintiki DarediUS$1.90 million
MaharshiUS$1.89 million
AgnyaathavaasiUS$1.75 million
Janatha GarageUS$1.82 million
Arjun ReddyUS$1.70 million
MajiliUS$1.0 million

Biggest Opening Day Collections

Movie NameAP/Nizam Share
Baahubali : The ConclusionINR42.8 cr
Syeraa Narasimha ReddyINR37.7 cr
SaahoINR36.2 cr
Sarileru NeekevvaruINR32.0 cr
RangasthalamINR28.3 cr
AgnyaathavaasiINR26.8 cr
Aravinda SamethaINR25.3 cr
Ala VaikunthapuramloINR24.52 cr
AgnyaathavaasiINR24.8 cr
Vinaya Vidheya RamaINR24.5 cr
MaharshiINR24.2 cr
Khaidi No. 150INR23.0 cr
Bharat Ane NenuINR22.1 cr
Katama RayuduINR20.9 cr
Janatha GarageINR18.5 cr
DJINR16.9 cr

Tollywood Box Office Collection Report of 2020 Released Movies

Below are the list of selective movies released in 2020. And, their expected Worldwide Box Office collections.
Movie Name
Worldwide Closing Collections (Share)
Sarileru Neekevvaru138 Crore +
Ala Vaikunthapurramloo160 Crore +
Entha Manchivaadavuraa6 Crore
Disco Raja8 Crore
Aswathama7 Crore
Jaanu08 Crore 
World Famous Lover09 Crore +
Bheeshma22 Crore + (1st Weekend)
HIT04 Crore (1st Weekend)

Disclaimer: The box office figures are compiled from various sources (Entertainment Industry Trackers). The figures will be definitely approximate and we does not make any claims about the authenticity of the data. However, these figures are (calculated or collected) from legitimate sources and adequately indicative of the box office performance of the Tollywood films.

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