Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies That You Should Not Miss

Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies: Are you searching for the best Suspense Thriller Movies in Telugu to Watch Online? then, you should check this post. We have gathered a list of the best Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies 2020 in the recent times. Take a complete look at this article to find the latest suspense movies that you would like to watch this night.


In this post, you can check the best Telugu Thriller Movies in recent times. So, all the Telugu Audience and Tollywood lovers can check this post to know the Best Thriller Movies in Telugu Cinema. Telugu Cinema produces Thriller Movies in less number when compared with Tamil Film Industry. Also, the success rate for Thriller Movies in Telugu Cinema is very less. But, we have gathered here a list of straight and dubbed Telugu movies which are worth watching.

Worth Watching Best Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies List

Telugu movie scripts are not really focused on Thrillers, Suspense genres. Most of the scripts are related to family, romance, adult comedy & other commercial subjects. We can find only 2 to 3 movies which are being successful in a year in suspense genres. However, you can find the best Telugu suspense thriller movies of all time on this page.

Making Telugu Thriller Movies in big number has started only after the release of Anveshana movie in 1985. This movie is one of the biggest blockbuster’s of director Vamsi career. Also, This movie is considered as one of the Best Thriller Movies in Telugu ever. Let’s have a look into the best Telugu Thriller Movies till 2019-2020.

Best Telugu Thriller Movies of All Time

If you are searching for the best Suspense Thriller Movies in Telugu to Watch Online then, you must check this post. Here we have gathered a list of Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies in recent times. All these movies are best of its time and most of them are performed well at the Telugu box office. Only a few movies like Spyder, 1 Nenokkadine, Kesava are not performed well at the Tollywood Box Office. But, even they are the worth watching movies. Let’s have a look into the list of Telugu Thriller Movies.

  1. Ave Kallu (Super Star Krishna)
  2. Rakshasudu
  3. Evaru
  4. Kalki
  5. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya
  6. Aithe
  7. 1 Nenokkadine
  8. Gentleman (Nani)
  9. Karthikeya
  10. Kshanam
  11. Okka Kshanam
  12. Anasuya
  13. Taxiwala
  14. Nandanavanam 120 KM
  15. Anukokunda Oka Roju
  16. Dhrusyam
  17. Kesava
  18. Amaravathi
  19. Bhagamathi
  20. Spyder

Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies List

Below you can find a list of Telugu Suspense Thriller Movies in recent times.You can find these movies on Netflix, Youtube, Zee 5 and other Online channels.

  1. 1 Nenokkadine
  2. Spyder
  3. Gentleman (Nani)
  4. Karthikeya
  5. Kshanam
  6. Okka Kshanam
  7. Taxiwala
  8. Nandanavanam 120 KM
  9. Anukokunda Oka Roju
  10. Dhrusyam
  11. Kesava
  12. Amaravathi
  13. Bhagamathi
  14. PSV Garuda Vega
  15. Goodachari
  16. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya
  17. Kalki
  18. Kshana Kshanam
  19. Aswathama (2020)
  20. HIT (2020)
  21. V (2020)

Telugu Dubbed Movies (Thriller Genre)

Apart from straight Telugu movies, there are also movies from other film industries which are dubbed into Telugu language. These movies are also acclaimed well and got positive reviews from critics. You can find a few similar movies in the below list.

  1. 13 B
  2. Bichagadu
  3. Vishali
  4. Anamika
  5. Pizza
  6. Ghajini
  7. Detective
  8. Abhimanyudu

Underrated Suspense Movies

Movies are said to be underrated only when the content is good but no revenue over the investment.
Below are few of the movies which are not successful at Boxoffice. But, they have received a good appreciation from viewers after TV & YouTube telecast.
  1. Athadu
  2. Nakili (Vijay Antony)
  3. Bhadram
  4. Pisachi
  5. Project Z
  6. D 16

Why Thriller Movies in Telugu Are Less in Number?

According to a few film makers in Tollywood, Telugu people prefers to watch only RomCom, Action, Family and Drama movies. However, this is proved to be wrong and Telugu people always encouraged Thriller movies like Ghajini, Aparichitudu, 13B, Pizza, Bichagadu, Evaru, Gentleman, etc. We keep on updating this list based on the new releases. So, visit this page regularly for more updates on Telugu Thriller Movies.

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