10 Famous Telugu Serial Title Songs of Gemini TV and ETV (1998 – 2007)

Famous Telugu Serial Title Songs: In the early 2000s decade, there were many Telugu popular serials famous for not only content but also for the Title songs and music.1990’s kids might have known about these serials and these famous songs. All of these wonderful serials are aired on either Gemini Tv or ETv from 1998 to 2007. This article will remind you those old memories.


Listen to the Telugu serial title songs from Sivaiah, Pinni, Ruthuragalu, Nammakkam, Aloukika, Anveshitha, Antharangalu, Vidhi, Lady Detective, Sneha, Lady Detective, Sneha, Chakravakam and other famous serials on Gemini TV and ETV from 1998’s to 2007.

Famous Telugu Serial Title Songs (1998-2007) Should Not Miss

If you are searching for the famous & the best old Telugu serial songs, then you can find them on this page. Below are the list of famous Telugu serial songs from the popular TV serials in ETV and Gemini Television during the early 2000. Let’s have a look into them.

Sivaiah Telugu Serial Title Song (2002 TV series – Gemini TV)

Pinni Telugu Serial Title Song (1999 TV series – Gemini TV)

Ruthuragalu Telugu Serial Title Song (1998 TV series – Doordarshan)

Nammakkam Telugu Serial Title Song (1999 TV series – Gemini TV)

Aloukika Serial Title Song (ETV Channel)

Anveshitha Serial Title Song (ETV Channel)

Antharangalu Serial Title Song (ETV Channel)

Vidhi Serial Title Song (ETV Channel)

Lady Detective Serial Title Song (ETV Channel)

Chakravakam Telugu Serial Title Song (Enduko Naku ee Asalu – Gemini TV)

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