Software Developer Short Film, Story, Cast and Crew (Shanmukh jashwanth)

Software Developer Web Series on Youtube has become quite popular in the recent times. It has got many millions of view on its channel and it is loved by Telugu audience. 

Software Developer Short Film (Web Series)

Recently it has got the title of most watched Telugu Short Film on Youtube. The Software Developer has set new standards for the Telugu short films which are uploaded on the Youtube. Even though it is a short film with just few characters, It has reached to many audience and even till today some of them watch the series on repeat. This is the story which contains every emotion and they are balanced perfectly right from the love, pain, disgust, anger, and surprise. Because of this wonderful emotions kept intact, The audience felt connected to the content. 

Software Developer Short Film director

Software Developer is a short film and the story revolves Shanmukh who is an Software Developer and his three close friends. Shanmukh plays the role of an person who is very kind, shy and very much focused on his work. He makes sure that whatever he does it is completely done with full of hardwork and perfection.

Software Developer Short Film songs download

Then a young beautiful lady joins the team and he falls in love with her. Vaishnavi has nailed her role to perfection. This story is not only about love, But it is the story about friendship between the friends who stay with Shanmukh right through thick and thin.

Software Developer Short Film budget

Situation gets out of the hand, When Shanmukh proposes vaishnavi. Till then the story goes one sided, When Vaishnavi goes to her home on some leave, She girl realizes that she has fallen in love with him. But its too late, Before she could say her feelings to him. Vaishnavi’s father sees the conversation between Vaishnavi and Shanmukh. He doesn’t say anything to her, He just drops her phone in the wash basin and that’s the end of the story. While Shanmukh waits for Vaishanvi daily in the office, There is no sign of Vaishnavi. She doesn’t respond to the calls, and messages. Then one day, He gets to know that Vaishnavi is married to someone else. He goes into depression and doesn’t focus on his work. He doesn’t meet his friends. He just stays in his room alone. Then slowly his friends help him get out of his depression and he realizes that love is just a phase of life not entirely the life. Then he decides to go to abroad on some project. That’s where the season one of the software developer ends. The season 2 shooting has been stopped because of the ongoing pandemic. 

Software Developer Short Film season 2 release date,

Once the situation is in control, The crew will go abroad and shoot the next season of the series. This short web series is really wonderful, There are no extra jokes, no double meaning dialogues. It is just a blend of beautiful emotions with little twists here and there. This has got the attention of the audience that is why this series is a big hit. 

Software Developer Short Film cast

Here are the cast details of Software Developer Series:

  • Shanmukh Jashwanth as Mr. Shannu
  • Vaishanvi Chaitanya as Vaishnavi
  • Sri Vidya as Shruthi
  • Sripriya as Harika
  • Pruthvi Don as Don
  • Prithvi Jhakaas as Manohar
  • Chandu as Arvind

This series has been directed by Subbu.k. Shanmukh and Subbu have joined again for yet another web series which is Surya. Just a few episodes were released on youtube and it has got good response as well. Now even Surya’s shooting is halted because of the second wave corona rise in the country. 

So this is all the software developer and its detail. If there is any news regarding the second season then we will update it.

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