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Sasana Sabha Review: Even without any A-list celebrities, the Sasana Sabha has made a lot of noise. Interest was increased by the casting of Nata Kiriti Rajendra Prasad, best known for his role in 7/G Brindavan Colony, as well as by the trailer and marketing materials. The movie benefited from the star power of Sonia Agarwal, who later rose to fame in the media. Let’s look at the reviews to determine whether or not you should try it out now that it’s accessible.

Sasana Sabha Review


In Sasana Sabha, Rajendra Prasad’s Narayana Swamy is a selfless politician who opposes Sonia Agarwal’s dishonesty. Because Surya (Indrsena) is the most deadly criminal, nothing should be taken for granted. Due of the similarities between Indrasena, Sonia Agarwal, and Rajendra Prasad, the plot will develop in this manner.

Cast & Crew

Indrasena, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, Sonia Agarwal, Hebah Patel, and Venu Mandikanti collaborated on the writing and directing of this movie. Krishna Murali oversaw the camera work for Sapbro Productions, Ravi Basrur wrote the music, and Thulasiram Sappani and Shanmugam Sappani were in charge of the production’s logistics.

Movie NameSasana Sabha
DirectorVenu Mandikanti
Music DirectorRavi Basrur
ProducerShanmugam Sappani
GenrePolitical Drama
CastIndrasena, Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Aishwarya Raj Bhakuni, Sonia Agarwal, Hebah Patel
CinematographyKrishna Murali

Movie Verdict

Political films like Sasana Sabha are something we’ve come to expect over time. The movie starts off well, draws the viewer into the story, and picks up speed as soon as Rajendra Prasad enters onscreen. The movie’s initial act and subsequent love story, however, are both uninteresting.

With the exception of the few political passages, the film’s love story, comedy, and majority of its commercial segments felt pasted on. Despite having an intriguing premise, the movie eventually falls short in its attempt to create tension. It’s hard to keep listeners’ attention throughout because the idea is so tired.

As Surya, Indrasena (7/G Brindavan Colony) does a commendable job of retaining a dignified demeanour while exhibiting no traces of emotion. Sonia Agarwal is a competent actor, but her portrayal of a self-serving politician falls flat. The portrayal of Narayana Swami by Rajendra Prasad in the supporting cast, in particular, is superb.

Due to the film’s outmoded premise, written by K. Raghavendra Reddy, Venu Mandikanti, among the recent influx of content-based Telugu films, only partially attracted spectators’ attention.

Despite the minimal budget of Sasan Sabha, the technical features are excellent. Although the story was somewhat predictable, spectators were kept interested by the film’s high level of production value and Krishna Murali’s breathtaking photography.

The movie Sasana Sabha is incredibly specialized and should only be seen once.

Plus Points:

  • Few Scenes
  • Cinematography
  • Rajendra Prasad

Minus Points:

  • Routine Story
  • Snail Paces Screenplay
  • Lackluster Performances
  • Predictable Narration

Rating: 2/5

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