Qubool Hai Series OTT Release Date, OTT Platform Time & More

Qubool Hai Web Series OTT Release Date: Soon, a new web show called Qubool Hai will be on AhavideoIN. It will be called that, and it will be called that. This year, there will be 20 movies and web shows from Aha Video at the Sankranthi Festival. I don’t think so. It was thought up by people. She thought of it. Pranavi Pingle Reddy came up with it, so

Qubool Hai Web Series OTT Release Date


That makes you cry. If Qubool Hai is a good show, it looks like it will be a lot of fun to see. It shows that the storey is about people being sold. People who sell people get married when they are 12. Soon, the married woman won’t show up. Her background. As soon as possible. It could be bad for them even if they marry someone they don’t know.

Cast and Crew:

All three of them worked together to make this show happen. They worked together to make it happen. People are making it, and it will be done. In a house, it was the name of a man. Kartik Parmar and Kartik Parmar, who made the movie, were the people who made the music. They also made the movie. In the end, the editing was done by Arvind Menon and Tanya Chhabria. They worked on it, and they also helped.

Qubool Hai Series OTT Release Date, Digital Rights

When this series is going to come out, I don’t know. This poster was from Aha Video. In a few weeks, it will say “Coming Soon.” Set to come out in March 2022, this series will be out then. Will be out then,


Series NameQubool Hai Series
OTT PlatformAha Video In
OTT Release DateMarch 11, 2022
Created ByPingle Pranav Reddy
DirectorUmair Hasan, Faiz Rai and Pranav Reddy
StarringSonali Pamnani Jabhakh and others
Film IndustryTollywood

Qubool Hai Series Movie OTT Platform (Digital Rights)

To be honest, they don’t say when the Qubool Hai TV show will be on the air. It doesn’t say that. Company says it will come out in March 2022. Think about this storey. Movie: It could be about stopping child marriage.

Qubool Hai Series Movie OTT Release Date

When there is the Sankranthi Festival, there are going to be 20 Aha Originals and films that will be shown. He is, too! March 2022 is when Qubool Hai is supposed to come out, but we don’t know when. Make it something that won’t change.

Digital Rights: Aha VideoIn

OTT Release Date: March 11, 2022 

On the web, there is a show called Qubool Hai that you can watch for free. Soon, Aha VideoIN can stream. Pranav Pingle Reddy has written and directed this show, and he did both of them. He also did both of them. He did both of them. Both: He did both. Our site should be your source for new movies.

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