List of Top 10 Telugu News Channels 2022

Top 10 Telugu News Channels: There are many Telugu News channels in both Telugu states. A decade ago there were only a few news channels. But as time passed, the number of News channels are getting increased. 

List of  Top 10 Telugu News Channels 2021

1. Tv 9

Though there are more than 15 to 20 Telugu News channels Now. It is First the Tv9 which has got a prominent place and laid the foundation for the Upcoming news channels to grow. Tv 9 was founded in 2004. From then It stood top in TRP ratings, sometimes it may have slid down to second place. But on major instances, it is on top. For the past 17 years, Tv9 Telugu is rendering news fastly, clearly, and in detail. 

2. Ntv

After Tv9, Ntv is at second place in TRP ratings. NTV started just after a couple of years when tv9 got started. It was founded in the year 2007, Headed by Narendra chowdari. It goes on a Slogan with Prathikshanam Prajahitham. It has a sister channel Bhakti Tv, in which programs related to Hindhu mythology, culture, spiritualism are streamed.

3. Tv5

Tv 5 news channel is at 3rd place. It is launched in 2007. This channel has a slogan called, News You can trust. Tv 5 has a sister channel Cinema5. This channel is under the ownership of Shreya Broadcasting private Limited.

4. Sakshi

Sakshi News Channel was Launched in 2009. Its Associated with the Sakshi telugu daily news paper. Sakshi media group is working under the name Indira Television. Many controversies erupted since the channel started. This channel was banned in Andhrapradesh in the Year 2016 and later it was resumed.

5. V6

The V6 news channel is at 5th place in Telugu news channels. This channel is launched in the year 2012 and runs under the ownership of VL media private limited. Ceo Ankam Ravi and Editor in Chief Kranti plays the main role in leading this channel. V6 channel goes on with a slogan, prathi drushyam, prajala paksham.

6. T-News

T-News is at 6th place in Top telugu news channels. Though it is a telugu news channel, it telecasts mostly telangana news. This channel was launched in the 2011. Its is Owned by TRS party. Earlier this channel was associated with RajNews, but from 2011 it became independent. On occasionally this channel broadcasts urdu news also. T-News slogan is, Telangana gunde chappudu, which means, The Pulse of Telangana.

7. Etv

Etv Telangana and Andra pradesh are in 7th place. Etv started telecasting news much before Tv9. But compared to tv9 the 9 pm news bulletin in Etv has many audience than all the news channels. Etv was launched in 1995. From that period Etv 9pm bulletin telecasts all the important news of regional, national and international. After the state Bifurcation, two channels started as Etv telangana and Etv andhrapradesh. Etv belongs to Ramoji group Headed by Ramoji rao, who is known as Media mughal.

8. ABN Andhrajyothy

The rest of the channels are Abn andrajyothy, 10tv and HMTV. ABN was  launched in 2009, owned by Vemuri Radha krishna, At the time of launch, this channel was specially known for sensational news. This channel has busted Governor N.D. Tiwari’s SexScandal. 

9. 10TV

10 tv was launched in 2013. It is the first Co-operative News channel which has shareholders numbering 1lakh 50 thousand. Many laborers, Middle class, Teachers funded for this organization. Now it is under the ownership of Spoorthi communications private limited.

10. HMTV

 Hmtv is also one of those channels which started an Electronic media wave in Telugu states. It was launched in 2009, owned by Hyderabad Media House private Limited. Its slogan is Faster and Brighter.

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