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Let’s #StopTheWalk. Time To Get Them Home.


Ketto is not charging its platform fees on this fundraiser.

With #StopTheWalk campaign our foundation is raising funds to provide safe transportation means on various national highways, to immediately help migrant workers reach their nests.

Migrant workers are the backbone of the urban economy and comforts of cities would not have been possible without their sweat and labour. Now is the opportunity for us to pay back and show respect and solidarity.

You too should have seen countless news channels reporting this situation , you have seen images of blistered feet , tired faces and helpless stares. Well , we can feel sorry and talk about it for long OR we can decide to act and help them.

We are working alongside trusted NGOs and individuals working on the ground namely, Rythu Swarajya Vedika, Mr. Ananta Sayanan of Organic farmers market, Chennai and many more independent volunteers across the country who are in acute need of your donations in this helpless situation.

Our volunteers are doing all they can to arrange safe transport and sanitisation kits to move people across the state borders. We are also coming up with innovative solutions like repurposing school buses across the country to transport migrant workers!

We need your support to continue our work without financial hindrances, Let’s join hands to #StopTheWalk

About our organisation
People Combine Foundation is the CSR arm of people combine group (‘’). Webelieve in the power of people coming together and it’s potential to enrich humanity. We have started our COVID-19 relief activities with Rs 1 Cr. donation to CM relief Fund towards healthcare workers. We believe we can do a lot more by joining hands with you all.

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