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Gaalodu Movie Review In Telugu: In order to get recognition on television, Sudigaali Sudheer appeared in a lot of action films. Despite the negative reviews of his prior films, including the duds that served as inspiration for Gaalodu, the director persisted and instead created another huge blockbuster. The crew did an excellent job spreading the word, and now it’s time to determine whether all of his effort was worthwhile. Today, November 18, 2022, the movie will be released in theatres, so let’s write a review to find out if it’s any good.

Gaalodu Movie Review In Telugu


In Hyderabad, Raju (Sudheer), a rural resident, falls in love with Sukla (Gehna Sippy), a city dweller. The plot twist occurs when the thugs learn Raju’s identity, which has been kept a secret up until this point. The identity of Raju is revealed at the film’s conclusion.

Cast & Crew

The film’s production was under the direction of Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla. The leading actors are Sapthagiri, Gehna Sippy, Shakalaka Shankar, and Sudheer Anand. It was filmed by renowned director of photography C. Ram Prasad. The music was composed by Bheems Ceciroleo. It was produced by Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla, whose company is called Samskruthi films.

Movie NameGaalodu
DirectorRaja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla
Music DirectorBheems Ceciroleo
ProducerRaja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla
GenreAction, Drama
CastSudheer Anand, Gehna Sippy, Sapthagiri, and Shakalaka Shankar
CinematographyC. Ram Prasad

Movie Verdict

The box office performance of a movie is no longer important to the general public. They seek out films with unique and compelling plots instead. However, some directors continue to push their for-profit productions on audiences. Because of this, some claim that Gaalodu is a dull 90s commercial film that is not worth your time. At the start of the film, the main character is introduced in a conventional manner. A mass beat that summarises the character arc and general personality of the primary character follows.

Gaalodu’s second act is tedious since it repeats the same situations, moves slowly, and has poor acting. The movie’s stunning lead actress and a few amusing scenes were the only things that managed to keep audiences interested, but even those elements weren’t enough. There were a few other comedians who attempted to amuse us, and the first half of the film contains some jokes by Sudheer Mark. But that’s not how things turn out.

He ought to stick to comedy if he wants to play more heroes in movies. Gehna Sippy made an impression despite having little talent with her polished portrayal in the film. Along with the rest of the ensemble, Shakalaka Shankar is in great shape. Sudheer can do comedy, so it’s strange to see him in action scenes that don’t make sense and don’t fit with Raju, his character.

Raja Sekar Reddy Pulicharla attempted to transform a dull narrative into a thrilling film. He ought to create his own original stories instead.

Technically speaking, Gaalodu is fine, but the music and songs by Bheems Ceciroloo aren’t that great. In that they are packed with intense colors and bright lights that are difficult to take in, Ramprasad’s images are similar to classic Hollywood films.

Despite being a dated commercial film, Sudigali Sudheer fans should still watch Gaalodu.

Plus Points:

  • Few Comedy Scenes

Minus Points:

  • Story
  • Screenplay
  • Music
  • Lack of Emotion

Rating: 2/5

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