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Chor Bazaar Movie Review: Akash, the son of well-known Tollywood director Puri Jagannadh, has been trying to make a name for himself. Chor Bazaar is one of his attempts; the teaser and trailer for the movie were very good. But as of today, June 24, 2022, the movie has been out for a while and has gotten good reviews. Without further ado, let’s get into a detailed analysis of Chor Bazaar and figure out if it’s worth watching or not.

Chor Bazaar Movie Review


In Chor Bazaar, Akash Puri plays Bachhan Pandey, a thug who steals tiers for a living and lives a carefree life until he has to steal a diamond.

Cast & Crew

Chor Bazaar stars Akash Puri, Gehenna Sippy, Subbarju, Sunil, Sampoorneshbabu, and others. The film was directed by B.Jeevan Reddy, with cinematography by Jagadeesh Cheekati, music by Suresh Bobbili, and background music by Priyadarshan Balasubramanian. It was produced by V S Raju under the banner of V Productions.

Movie NameChor Bazaar
DirectorB.Jeevan Reddy
Music DirectorSuresh Bobbili
ProducerV S Raju
CastAkash Puri, Gehenna Sippy, Subbarju, Sunil, Sampoorneshbabu
EditorAnwar Ali, Prabhu Deva

Movie Verdict

Even though the movie starts out well with scenes that introduce the hero and show how the characters change, the whole thing lacks a strong emotional centre.
Even though the director faces the conflict early on, the story goes in a different direction and turns into a love story between the hero and the heroine. The most interesting part is stealing the most expensive diamond, but we can’t film that.
The first half of the movie was pretty good, but the second half is more exciting, with some feelings that aren’t fully resolved and feel like they go on for too long.
Akash’s performance as Bachchan Pandey was good because it showed that he is a good actor. However, he should try to play roles that fit him better because he doesn’t have enough experience to play these roles. Everyone else did their best.
Jeevan Reddy is best known for playing George Reddy in the movie Chor Bazaar, but he could do a better job with his writing.
Chor Bazaar looks like it has a solid technical foundation. The cinematography by Jagadeesh Chekati and the music by Suresh Bobbili are both good for a commercial movie.
Chore Bazaar is a fun action movie that you should see in a movie theatre.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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