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Boy is a romantic entertainer movie directed by Amar Viswaraj and produced by R.Ravi Shekar Raju and Amar Viswaraj. The movie cast includes Lakshya Sinha and Sahiti in the lead roles. Elwin James and Jaya Prakash.J were music directors.

It’s a story about a Boy during the final days of his high school. 15 year old Mahi Teja (Lakshya Sinha) is studying his 10th. His simple world revolves around his home, school, his best friend ‘Vayu Nandan’ and his first crush Varsha (Sahiti) who is also in 10th but in different school. He doesn’t want to go in the relationship and starts moving with Varsha. Mahi realizes that Varsha has taken pre-admission in National College. Over time varsha’s relationship with mahitej becomes love. So his mission is now to join the same college. But he is devastated to know that the college is considered a Gateway to the IITs and to get an.

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The dialogue delivery of the lead role Lakshya was attractive and good and he played the official role. The concept of the movie was inspirational. It’s about how students endure in learning subjects and latest problems faced by school kids. Sahithi, the lead actress was beautiful and did her supportive role. The actor who played as the hero’s friend did a great job and his role was splendid.

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The main drawback of this movie was the screenplay of the film. It is very regrettable. Depth and involvement was missing in Number of scenes. Also, the comedy displayed in the film is annoying and tiresome.

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Even though the script had good scope for solid emotions, the director did not make use of it at all. Second half of this movie was dramatic. After a point in the film, the primary course in the description missed and deviated the film completely.

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The background of the songs was not so good. Everyone plays decent roles as per themselves but execution was missing. The scenes would have dealt with better ideas. Visuals and production values are good.


  • Release date : August 23, 2019
  • Starring : Lakshya Sinha, Sahiti, Vinay Varma
  • Director : Amar Viswaraj
  • Producers : R. Ravi Shekar Raju, Amar Viswara
  • Cinematography: Ashkar
  • Editor : Ekalavyan
  • Music Director : Elwin James, Jaya Prakash. J

Boy movie is available on Amazon Prime and you could find this movie in some of the online movie sites.


  • LWD song
  • Market melody
  • I am in love
  • Melody reprise

Music: Elvin James, Jaya Prakash J.
Lyrics: Amar Viswaraj
Vocals: Master Bharath

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