Best OTT Apps for Telugu Movies

What is the definition of OTT?

The acronym OTT stands for ‘Over The Top’ and refers to any streaming across different devices whenever we want is possible because of “Over The Top,” a convenient little term that explains the new delivery method of film and TV content over the internet without the need for traditional cable or satellite pay-TV service that delivers content over the internet. The service is delivered ‘over the top’ of another platform. 

Previously customers would take out a cable subscription and their cable TV provider would be responsible for the supply and availability of programming. In the modern era, users can sign up for services like Netflix or Spotify and access their offerings over the internet. The cable provider now only provides the internet connection and has no ability to control what you consume. This separation has big implications for advertising.

Nowadays OTT is dominant because it is relatively a new phenomenon, there is a huge amount of growth potential. Lots of companies are entering the OTT space, leading to a wide variety of options for subscribers, and increasing quantities of ad inventory for advertisers. As more people ‘cut the cord’ and move towards online-only media consumption, the way to reach these consumers will increasingly be via OTT services. How marketers can take advantage of these platforms remains, widely, to be seen. The accessibility of OTT content is one of the many reasons it’s so popular. To stream OTT, customers only require an internet connection and a compatible hardware device. Consumers could be able to access via Mobile OTT devices, Personal computers, Smart TVs, etc. 

  • Mobile OTT Devices:

         Smartphones and tablets are able to download OTT apps to stream.

  • Personal Computers:

         Consumers can access OTT content from desktop-based apps or web browsers.

  • Smart TVs:

         The most common examples include Apple TV’s, Smart TV’s. Playstation, Chromecast, Xbox, FireStick and MORE. 

OTT is definitely better than Cable because consumers can stream anywhere according to the subscriptions and plans included in particular OTT apps and it is user friendly. 

OTT opened up the possibility for ad-free content (Or really targeted campaigns), ad hoc subscription services, and more monetization strategies.

Many OTT services operate on a paid subscription basis. OTT advertising is much like legacy media advertising, usually taking place between songs or episodes, but it is delivered through the streaming media on OTT platforms.

There are two main types of OTT advertising set-ups, client-side and service-side.

Coming to the OTT Applications, there are many apps that distribute video content in a number of languages. 

Top 4 Best OTT applications for Telugu Movies:

1. Amazon Prime:

          This is the personalized service that offers, recommends, and helps you discover digital movies, television shows, and other video content (collectively, “Digital Content”) and other services as provided. This platform is offering a reasonable price so that most of them would prefer Amazon Prime Video. With an eligible Amazon Prime Membership, subscribers have access to thousands of Prime Video titles at no additional cost. It also has an option to rent or buy movies and TV episodes not included in Prime Video, as well as subscribe to over 100 premium channels with Prime Video Channel Subscriptions.

Prime membership includes a huge library of Telugu movies and TV shows across every category like Romantic, Horror, Suspense thrillers, comedy, and Timeless classics. Premium features of Prime Video include 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range (HDR), and mobile downloads for offline viewing select content.


         Netflix is an American Technology and media service provider. The company’s primary business is its subscription-based streaming service which offers online streaming of a library of films and television series. Subscribers can enjoy worldwide premiers including Indian Tollywood movies and series. Most of the Teenagers perhaps prefer Netflix for watching any content.

3. Hotstar:

         Disney+Hotstar known as Hotstar simply is an Indian subscription platform on-demand streaming service owned and operated by Star India. It features two subscription plans- VIP, which focuses on domestic programs and sports content, and Premium is the second one which features premium international films and television series. As of now, the VIP plan costs 399 rupees per year, and the Premium plan costs Rupees 1,499 per year or 299 Rupees for a monthly plan. It is the most entertaining app and has at least 300 million active users.

4. Youtube:

           Youtube is an online video-sharing platform that would be given inbuilt in Android devices nowadays. This was actually started before the development of any OTT platforms. Youtube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on the videos, and subscribe to others. It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos. Available content includes video clips, TV show clips, music videos, short and documentary films, audio recordings, movie trailers, live streams, and other content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos.

5. Voot

           As all the OTT apps develop day by day, here is a new platform called, Voot. It includes web series, short movies, and shows. This platform is also useful for watching a few Telugu films.

6. Dailymotion:

          This platform is an online video sharing platform that was there for a long time before OTT was developed. This allows people to watch web series, TV serials and films too. Many Telugu films are available in Daily motion but it contains more ads while watching.

7. ZEE5:

         This is an OTT app that includes TV serials, web series, and films. ZEE5 is the best app to watch Telugu movies. It is a paid video on Demand service. The subscription costs Rupees 999 per year.

8. YuppTV:

          This is a suitable option if you’re searching for the best app that lets you watch Telugu movies online. It also offers the best Telugu TV shows and Channels. YuppTV is a great app that works for Android and IOS devices, and this platform features over 200 live TV channels in different languages.

9. Aha Video:

          Aha is an Indian over-the-top streaming service owned by Arha media and Broadcasting Private Limited a joint venture by Geetha Arts and My Homegroup which offers Telugu content and movies. It also offers Telugu dubbed movies.

10. JioCinema:

           Jio is an Indian Ott Streaming Service not owned by Jio Platforms. It offers films, TV shows and web series, Music Videos, and documentaries.

11. Hungama movies:

         Unlike other websites, it contains the biography of all the Indian actors, which provides whole information regarding them. It is one of the best apps for Indian films and has a huge collection of movies.

There are some other Privacy Illegal sites like Movie Rulz, Movies gold, and watching movies online sites. It includes newly released movies in a couple of days after releasing. These sites won’t charge even a penny from its users. It involves various illegal aspects as it is often used to exchange intellectual property that is subject to copyright law or licensing. It allows viewers to enjoy unlimited movies for free of cost.

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