Balli Sastram 2022 – Effects on Men and Women at Different Body Parts

Balli Shastram: Lizard is a very common animal in every household. There most commonly found on the walls feeding on the small insects. Especially in India, It is believed that if a lizard falls on certain parts of a human body then there is some indirect indication to future deeds. The falling of Lizard on a human body is both beneficial and non beneficial as well. It is also said that in Kanchi, There is a famous temple in which there is a golden lizard. If we touch that lizard then you are revived of all the problems caused by the lizards. Even in the coming future if a lizard falls on you, There will be no effect at all.

It might look that a small reptile which is almost 3 to 6 inches in height, and has a very short span life time of 5 years and more. Can decide the future deeds of a human. These are very old beliefs and they are followed till now. So there are some effects on men and women differently. Lets see them in detail.

Balli Sastram For Men and Women (Different Parts)

Effect on MenEffect on Women
Body parts- IndicationBody parts- Indication
Arm– Financial LossAnkle– Trouble indication
Back Foot– Time for travellingBackside– You can expect a death news
On Lips– Fear of DeathBreast– Happiness may disappear for a while
Face– Financial BenefitsCalf of the leg– Visitors or friends expected
Forehead– Lack of involvementChest– Something good is going to happen
Head– clashes or disputes in the familyFingers– Getting Ornaments or valuables.
Left Arm– Something may bring shame on youHair Knot– Sickness Problem
Left Ear– Income benefitsHands– Financial profits
Right Eye– It is for good itselfHead– Afraid of death
Backside– Victory in your workKnees– Affection
Lower Lip– Financial profitsLeft eye– You can expect love from your man
Mouth– Health condition will be badLeft hand– Mental Stress
Mustache– Hurdles in workLower Lip– New things expected
Right Arm– TroubleRight Arm– Romance ahead
Right Cheek– SadnessRight Cheek– Male child in your family expected
Right Eye– FailureRight Eye– Mental Stress
Thighs– Loss of valuablesRight Leg– Loss
Toes– Physical illnessShoulders– Getting ornaments
Top Head– Afraid of deathThighs– Expect romance
Upper Lip– Get ready for disputesToes– Male child may be born


So these are the effects of lizards falling on different parts of your body. 

How to get rid of Lizards in the house?

If you get rid of them, Take out their food. Lizards mostly feed on insects, mosquitoes, flies, spiders, and cockroaches. If you get rid them, there will be no lizards at your house. The another way to get rid of them is egg shells. Keep the egg shells at the place where lizards are mostly found, Then there will be no sign of them. Even garlic does wonders with the lizard problems.

Keep an bird feather as well, Lizards think there are birds around the place and they will not even come out of their hiding places. 

What are the remedies of Lizard falling on the body?

The remedies of lizard falling on your body is take a bath immediately, light a lamp near the god and place some salt as an offering to the god. After that visit a temple nearby and pray to god again. This is the immediate remedy, If there is no panchangam in the house. Ask the priest and explain everything in detail. The priest will explain what should be done for further. If possible visit Kanchipuram temple and touch the golden lizard and the silver lizard as well. You will be revived of all the ill effects of falling of lizards in the past and in the coming future as well.


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