Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 List [Watch Now]

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 (అమెజాన్ ప్రైమ్ తెలుగు): The India’s most popular video on demand service Amazon Prime new list of Telugu movies are available on this page. If you are a Tollywood filmy geek and searching for latest Telugu movies on Amazon Prime, then you should check this post. We have the new collection of Telugu movies ready to stream on Amazon Telugu in the next few days. Let’s have a look into the below portions of this page to check the amazon prime video upcoming Telugu movies.


Tollywood is one of the main stream film industry in India. Hundreds of films are produced every year and it is the third largest film industry in terms of film production. If you are a Telugu movie buff and loves to watch movies frequently, then you should take membership in Amazon Prime Video Telugu. Here you can avail video on demand service for all the regional movies of India.

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies April 2021

Movie NameAvailable DatePrime Video
Climax17th April 2021
Jathi Ratnalu10th April 2021
Double Sketch7th April 2021
Power Play6th April 2021
April 28th Em Jarigindi4th April 2021
Aksharam4th April 2021
April 28th Em Jarigindi10th April 2021

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies March 2021

Movie NameAvailable DatePrime Video
Tenet31st March 2021India & USA
Gajakesari30th March 2021Only for USA
Nipah Virus28th March 2021India & USA
MMOF25th March 2021India & USA
Uttama Kali
25th March 2021India & USA
Shaadi Mubarak25th March 2021India & USA
Abbayitho Ammayi24th March 2021Only for USA
Kapatadhaari20th March 2021India & USA
Gaali Sampath19th March 2021India & USA
FCUK – Father, Chitti,
Umaa, Kaarthik
19th March 2021India & USA
A – Ad infinitum19th March 2021India & USA
Pranavam19th March 2021Only for USA
Avasaraniko Abaddam17th March 2021Only for USA
Salt16th March 2021Only for USA
Aaviri16th March 2021Only for USA
Neevalle Nenunna16th March 2021Only for USA
Eureka9th March 2021India & USA
Vittal Wadi8th March 2021India & USA
Nenosthe Jathara8th March 2021Only for USA
Akshara5th March 2021India & USA
V1 Murder Case5th March 2021India & USA
Aakasamlo Aasala
5th March 2021Only for USA
Virasasta Ayyappa
4th March 2021Only for USA
Pandu Gadi Photo
2nd March 2021Only for USA

February 2021 Update: Amazon Prime Video has streamed 26 New Telugu movies in the month of February 2021.

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies February 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateLink on Prime
Mr and Miss26th February 2021India & USA
G-Zombie26th February 2021India & USA
Screenplay of an Indian
Love Story
26th February 2021Only for USA
Sri Ramachandaradu
25th February 2021Only for USA
Moothan24th February 2021Only for USA
The Broken Hearts
24th February 2021India & USA
Prema Pipasi24th February 2021Only for USA
Cheppina Evaru
21st February 2021India & USA
Satya Harischandra20th February 2021Only for USA
Jai Sena19th February 2021India & USA
Journalist18th February 2021Only for USA
Unhinged18th February 2021India & USA
Radha Krishna18th February 2021Only for USA
Life In A Year14th February 2021India & USA
Venkatapuram11th February 2021India & USA
Oka Telugu Prema Katha12th February 2021Only for USA
Bhale Manchi
Chowka Beram
11th February 2021India & USA
Raani9th February 2021Only for USA
Action8th February 2021India & USA
Edaina Jaragocchu6th February 2021India & USA
The Fog5th February 2021Only for USA
Nuvvu Nenu Okkatite5th February 2021Only or USA
Anjali CBI4th February 2021India & USA
Ee Dooram4th February 2021Only for USA
DDD3rd February 2021Only for USA
O Manishi Niv Yevaru2nd February 2021Only for USA

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies January 2021

Movie NameAvailable DateVideo Line
Wild World16th January 2021
Maara16th January 2021
Nanna Prema13th January 2021
Gramam13th January 2021
Marana Swasa12th January 2021
Mogalturu12th January 2021
Swardham12th January 2021
Lisaa11th January 2021
MissFire11th January 2021
Point Blank10th January 2021
Valasa9th January 2021
Evaraa Killer7th January 2021

OTT content is the latest trend in this world now. Every movie, Every TV series, Every Web Series are willing to release on OTT Platforms. One among them is Amazon prime video. This is handled by Amazon company, Jeff Bezos wanted to bring the content to public at a very reasonable rate and Amazon has been doing some wonderful work with that.

Prime Video always comes up with wonderful content and trending movies as well. In 2020, Many movies like Nani’s V, Nishabdham, Penguin and other Indian Movies have released on the OTT Platform and the people loved it and the subscription graph has increased in the pandemic as well. Now Amazon is looking forward for 2021. So here are the upcoming Telugu movies releasing on Amazon Prime Video 2021.

Upcoming telugu movies in amazon prime 2021 in India (Full List)

Movie NameStreaming DateVideo Link
Master02nd March, 2021Watch On Prime Video
Maara (Telugu version)16th January, 2021Watch On Prime Video
Point Blank (USA)10th January, 2021Watch On Prime Video
Valasa (USA)09th January, 2021Watch On Prime Video
Chithakkotudu 208th January, 2021Watch On Prime Video
Evaraa Killer (USA)07th January, 2021Watch On Prime Video
Love Dairy (s)05th January, 2021Watch On Prime Video

1) Evaraa Killer

Evaraa Killer
Evaraa Killer

Evarra Killer is a suspense thriller movie directed by Shaik Sandani Basha. The story revolves around the mysterious murders of mother and daughter. A lady police officer with her intelligence and wits solve the case with the help of a detective. The lead roles are played by Balwan, Sravani, and Annapurnamma. This is a definite watch movie, and it is released on Amazon Prime Video on 7th Of January 2021.

2) Valasa


Valasa is a wonderful social movie, thought-provoking movie directed by Sunil Kumar Reddy. This is the story about the daily wagers and their struggles in the pandemic. The key roles in this movie are played by Manoj Nandam, Vinay Mahadev, TEju and Gowri. The supporting roles are played by Tulasi RAM, Samudram Venkatesh, Malika and Sajid. If you want to watch a thought-provoking and hard hitting movie then watch it on Amazon Prime Video on 7th Of January 2021.

3) Chithakkotudu 2

Chithakkotudu 2
Chithakkotudu 2

Chithakkotudu 2 is an adult horror comedy movie and it is the sequel of the movie Chikkati Gadhi lo Chithakkotudu. The lead roles in the movie are played by Karishma Kaul, Akrithi Singh, Meenal Sahu, Daniel Annie Pope, Saravana Sakthi and Shalu Shammu. The movie is directed by Santosh P Jayakumar. This is not a family entertainer, It is an adult movie with a bit of horror and comedy included in it. If you want to watch it, Then you can see it on Amazon Prime Video on 8th Of January 2021.

4) Master


Master Movie has released in theatres and it is a sure blockbuster movie. The audience are loving the movie and the response is absolutely top notch. In this movie we can see both great actors of the south industry Illayathalpathy Vijay and Mekal Selvan Vijay Setupathi. The supporting roles are played by Malaavika Mohanan, Andrea Jermiah, Anthony Varghase. Lokesh is the director of the movie. The producers are planning to release this movie on Amazon Prime Video on 2nd Of March, 2021.

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2020

Below are the latest movies in the month of May and new movies which are already available and streaming on Amazon Prime right now. Also, You can check the upcoming next video release dates and the links to watch the movies directly. Moreover, you can find the upcoming Telugu movies on monthly basis.

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Movie NameStreaming DateVideo Link
Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra30th October, 2020
Nishabdam02nd October, 2020
Nani’s V05th September, 2020
Penguin19th June, 2020
Savaari27th May, 2020
Ratham25th May, 2020
Ragala 24 Gantallo21st May, 2020
Natakam19th May, 2020
Srivalli18th May, 2020
Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda15th May, 2020
Jumanji: The Next Level10th May, 2020
EurekaMay, 2020
Valayam05th May, 2020
Shakthi05th May, 2020

Latest Amazon Prime Telugu Movies with IMDB Ratings

Find the sorted list of the new Tollywood movies on amazon prime based on the Year, Month in descending order Date.


Movie NameStreaming DateIMDB Rating
NishabdhamUpcomingComing Soon
Ragala 24 Gantallo21st May, 20205.5/10
Natakam19th May, 20205.9/10
Srivalli18th May, 20205.1/10
Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda15th May, 20205/10
Valayam05th May, 20207.2/10
Little Women (2019 Telugu dubbed movie)25th April, 20207.9/10
Heza (2019 Telugu Horror Film)18th April, 20207.8/10
Marshal (2019 Telugu Film)15th April, 20207.3/10
Madha (Psychological Thriller)08th April, 20205.4/10
Palasa 197804th April, 20207.6/10
HIT (Vishwak Sen)01st April, 20207.8/10
Shakti (Sivakarthikeyan)31st March, 20206.4/10
Anukunnadhi Okkati Aynadhi OkkatiMarch, 2020Direct Release
Shoot At Sight UtharvuMarch, 20206.3/10
Kalki (Rajasekhar)March, 20206.9/10
O Pitta KathaMarch, 20206.8/10
Amma Rajyam Lo Kadapa BiddaluMarch, 20203.7/10
Vasantha KaalaamMarch, 20202.7/10
JaanuMarch, 20207.1/10
Mana Oori RamayanamMarch, 20207/10
Thoota (Dhanush)March, 20205.7/10
Sarileru NeekevvaruMarch, 20206.2/10
Oka Chinna ViramamFebruary, 20207.2/10


Why Prime Video OTT is Famous in Telugu?

Amazon Prime Video is the popular video on demand OTT service streams latest movies and web series for its subscribers. On this page, you can find the new movies streaming on Amazon Prime. You can also check the digital release dates along with the links. Moreover, you can find the upcoming Telugu movies on monthly basis. If you are a Tollywood Telugu movie fan and want to know the upcoming Telugu movies on Amazon Prime Telugu, then you must see this list.

Amazon Prime – video on demand service has occupied the top place in serving latest Tollwyood movies to the film lovers. If you want to watch the latest Tollywood movies in HD, you should prefer Amazon Prime. Since, you can find the Blockbuster movies and Hits of Telugu super stars only on this VOD service.We will update the upcoming movie dates and link as soon as the announcement is done.

Allu Aravind’s aha Video OTT Upcoming Telugu Movies in 2020

Click Here for Best Telugu Movies on Hotstar OTT

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies List

In the coming days, there are many festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas, New Year, Sankranthi, Republic Day, Telugu New Year (Ugadi), etc. So, most of the VOD services compete to telecast new movies Online. In this case, Amazon Prime Video 2020 is always the best choice in picking up the Telugu digital streaming rights of new movies. So, wait for the more buzz arriving on Internet.

How To Download Amazon Prime Telugu Movies?

You can easily download movies from the Prime Video App using the download button that will be available below the video. Then, choose the location that you deserve to save the file and watch offline. Also, you can choose the quality of the movie or web series at the time of downloading. This is one of the great option that is available for Prime Video users. However, one should note that all movies are not available for download.

Subscription Plans

There are a hundreds of The Best Telugu movies on Amazon Prime. The only thing is you have to subscribe for a premium plan to watch all these movies. Now Amazon Prime Video is available on Monthly subscription plans starting from Rs.129/- per month. And yearly subscription plans is available at Rs.999/-. Also, you can start a free trail with any credit card or selected debit cards. Moreover, You can get ₹500 cashback on 1-year prime membership of ₹999.

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