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Akhanda TRP Rating: This movie, Akhanda, is a big hit in the Telugu film industry. is well-known, and it caused a lot of anger in the Telugu-speaking world because it was not fair to them. Akhanda, on the other hand, was one of Balakrishna’s most profitable movies. It’s a good match for Balakrishna and Boyapapati, after Simha, Legend, and Akhanda.

Akhanda TRP Rating

Last night, April 10, 2022, the TV premiere of Akhanda was on Star MAA. According to sources, the film set a new record for TRP. When Akhanda was made, it had a TRP rating of 23.2 in standard definition and 25.3 in high definition, which was both good TRPs at the time.
The Dwaraka Creations It was made by Dwaraka Creations and starred Balakrishna and Pragya Jaiswal in the main roles. Boyapati Srinu was the director and Ram Prasad was the cinematographer. The music was written by Thaman S.

Akhanda TRP Ratings Star Maa | Latest TV Telecast Ratings

Balakrishna and Boyapati’s movie, Akhanda, was a huge hit. People have been raving about the action and background music. However, the pre-release business for the movie was over 55 crores, and the movie has made around 60 crores around the world. The people who made Akhanda are confident enough to think about making a sequel.

Akhanda TRP Rating Star Maa

The Akhanda TV premieres were held yesterday in both SD and HD, and the film had a strong TRP of 23.2 and 25.3, sources say. Because this type of TRP has never been seen before is a good thing. It means that this is a good thing. Since director Boyapati talked about the sequel in an interview, everyone is excited about the next movie. We have to wait for the big-budget sequel to come out before we can do anything.

Telecast NoTRP Rating
1st Time– 25.3
2nd Time
3rd Time
4th Time
5th Time
6th Time
7th Time
8th Time
9th Time
10th Time

Akhanda Satellite Rights

It has been bought by Disney+Hotstar and Star MAA, and the movie has been doing well at the box office. Even so, the movie’s pre-release business has brought in at least 56 crores of money.

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